Art & Craft

The preschool years provide a valuable window of opportunity for kids to learn and develop the skills they need to succeed in life.

At Crafty Pance we know the importance of exposing kids to art and craft early in life. Giving young children the opportunity to paint and create encourages exploration, self expression, logical thinking, imagination and gives them the courage to take risks.

At Crafty Pance children are given the materials and freedom to create their own master pieces to take home. This could be a Kandinsky inspired painting or a hand crafted space helmet to take them to the moon. Each week we explore a different medium to ensure the children get to investigate the different facets of art and craft.

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Our brains all need to take the occasional break and this is also true for children. The developing bodies and minds of these busy little people require time each day just to refocus.

At Crafty Pance we use yoga for kids to help with the transition between arriving and getting creative. This gives children a sense of calm and opens up concentration when seated for art and craft activities.

Crafty Pance uses GOYOkids yoga stories to teach yoga. These yoga classes guide your children through movements drawn from yoga, pilates and tai chi, all delightfully blended with a favourite story. Whats more, all the yoga stories developed by GOYOkids are linked to the Early Years Learning Framework.

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Messy Play

Messy Play can help children foster growth in cognitive, emotional, social and physical development and encourages a positive approach to new experiences.

Crafty Pance gives children the chance to explore every day materials in a different way, allowing a better understanding of the world around them. Messy play sessions are designed with a child's natural curiosity in mind. Children will be given the opportunity to investigate, play, explore and create whilst learning to understand cause and effect.

Benefits include:

  • Communication and Language development
  • Fine motor skills
  • Improve hand eye coordination
  • Social skills
  • Problem solving
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What to expect

Each session begins with a story based yoga class that will lead your child into the wonderful world of kids yoga, through favourite stories retold with a twist, or a bend, or a balance, and always a giggle.

The second half of each session is for getting arty, crafty and maybe a little bit messy! We'll be creating exciting individual pieces to take home and delving into the realms of sensory play.

Crafty Pance is a drop off class, freeing up just enough time for you to go and do something delicious for yourself.


Next Steps...

To allow children to get the most out of these classes I only work with small groups, which means places are limited.

Term 1 2018  - 8 Week Program $122

Monday Feb 12th - Monday April 9th 10AM - 11:15AM

(closed April 2nd for Easter)